Jan McLean-Smith

Andrew Smith

Our Team

Jan Mclean-Smith is a Director of Foundations4Growth

Jan is a highly experienced business leader, coach and facilitator
She has wide experience of leadership, management and team breakthrough. She is renowned for her ability to make an immediate, lasting and practical difference to her clients

In addition, she is also a qualified BACP accredited psychotherapist and counsellor


Her in-depth understanding of both people and business assists her clients to fundamentally increase their commercial and personal success


Andrew Smith is a Director of Foundations4Growth

Andrew has 32 years experience of growing, leading and advising businesses

He believes that business can, and should, be a force for good; and that financial results are not the 'raison d'être' of a business, but rather a measure of true leadership and good practice

He feels that courage and vision in balancing

the interests of staff, customers and shareholders is at the core of all successful and sustainable business. This is the prime responsibility of any executive


He works with the leaders and their teams to rise to this challenge and to unlock their true potential

Our Extended Team


Over many years we have developed a network of highly skilled and trusted colleagues whose capabilities are second to none. Their know-how and experience is invaluable to our clients and they are able to bring expertise in such areas as:-


•  Strategy and planning

•  Leadership

•  Management

•  HR processes and procedures

•  Team-building and motivation

•  Executive coaching

•  Psychometric testing

Who We Are

Foundations4growth was founded in 2010 by a small team of highly experienced practitioners


After decades of building, advising and growing organisations we wanted to establish a more focussed service that made an immediate and lasting difference to our clients


We are looking to challenge the status quo and bring dynamic and practical solutions.  Not just theory or wishful thinking


We base what we do on what works, not the latest business fads - generic programmes deliver generic results


We are interested in two things: creating breakthrough and achieving results

"Leadership is based on truth and character" - Vince Lombardi

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