Inspirational Leaders

Ineffective Leadership

What Clients Say


•  Take responsibility rather than blaming other people and circumstances

•  Provide direction and vision


•  Lead by example at all times i.e. ‘walk the talk’


•  Remain positive in the face of challenges and change, encouraging others to 'raise the bar'


•  Are ‘can do’ and come up with practical solutions


•  Stay firm in the face of resistance and encourage change in others


•  Are generous with praise and positive recognition


Pointers that may indicate the need for some leadership development:-


•  Spending the  majority of time dealing with immediate, urgent problems

•  Seeing other managers as barriers or impediments

•  Slow decision-making and bottlenecks

•  Turf wars, finger-pointing and ‘blame’

•  Constantly having to resolve down-line people problems

•  Having difficulty delegating

•  Overfull diaries

•  Working very long hours

•  Feeling pressurised and stressed

•  Team development slow and frustrating

•  No obvious successors to your role

"Foundations4growth has a huge range of expertise from strategy to people and they go beyond mere problem identification to working side by side with their clients to deliver practical solutions. They supported us to take a fearless look at the leaders we need to deliver growth and then to see our plans through to fruition"


CEO – UK Professional Services Business


"All the Directors have now bought into the need to develop personally. As you know, I have never been trained to be an MD and now, rather than avoiding the people management part of my role, I have realised that I can do it and I’m looking forward to putting my newly learnt management and coaching skills into practice"


MD - Pharmaceutical Company


Strong leadership is essential for growth and success


Foundations4growth work with Leadership Teams and/or individual leaders to enhance their ability to increase the performance of their organisations


Most senior managers have had little or no development in what it takes to be an effective leader; the expectation seems to be that they will learn leadership skills by osmosis!


We provide practical and tailored support that make a positive difference to individual leaders and to the performance of their organisations

"Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations" - Peter Drucker

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