Signs Of Poor Practice

Signs Of Good Practice

What Clients Say

Assuming that an organisation has a relevant product/service and a workable strategy (if not, some fundamentals need to be addressed first!) then it’s worth considering if any of the following are familiar:-



•  Company values are just a theory and often breached or paid lip-service to


•  Too much focus on short-term figures rather than strategic growth opportunities


•  Director and management roles and responsibilities are unclear


•  Lack of clear management targets and few, if any, useable plans


•  Non-achievement is both common and not challenged


•  Directors/senior managers too involved in day-to-day ‘doing’


•  E-mail and cc-ing are used as political tools



  Too many ineffective meetings and conference calls


•  Directors/managers over-stretched, with overfull diaries


•  Little/if any meaningful appraisal and staff development done


•  Busy-ness and activity rather than creativity and achievement

A thriving organisation and culture will normally exhibit the following:-


•  Company values are role modelled throughout, from the board to the front line

•  Leaders and managers devote delineated and significant time and resources on building long-term business success

•  Leadership as well as functional management roles and responsibilities are clear, monitored and rewarded

•  Non-achievement is addressed as soon as it occurs; success is recognised and praised

•  Directors/Senior Managers spend 50%+ of their time overseeing, coaching and delegating to others, to build capability down-line

•  All meetings have a clear purpose, an agenda, stick to time and result in decisions and meaningful actions

•  People talk rather than use email; few, if any, cc emails

•  A clearly-understood company strategy and yearly plan drives  accountability at every level in the business

‘‘Our new approach to performance coaching has revolutionized how both the business and I view sales performance. We now look at the half-year ahead, rather than only at today’s results and everyone ‘owns’ their own objectives and plans. Under-achievers are set short-term goals to get back on track and rather than leaving high achievers 'to it', processes are in place to ensure they keep their ‘foot on the gas’. All of this has directly contributed to our current successes"

Commercial Director - UK Logistics Business


"The feedback on Phase One has been excellent from all quarters. The proof is that the majority of managers have started to make changes in their working style: they have realised that they were missing a trick with motivating and coaching their staff. So, money well spent! Thank you"


MD – International Transport Services Business

In corporate life, why is it that objectives and aspirations often remain tantalisingly out of reach?


Is it circumstances?  Is it timing?  Capability (or lack of it)?  Strategy and/or direction?


Are there subtle (or not so subtle) barriers that we keep on encountering?


Are there also things that we haven’t even considered yet? (Probably!)


F4G answers these questions and establishes practical actions that deliver growth


'What's the use of running if you are not on the right road' - German proverb

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