When To Consider

Breakthrough Coaching

What Clients Say

If any of the following seem familiar in yourself or others, then Breakthrough Coaching may be helpful


•  Situations keep re-occurring in which you feel ‘blocked’ or significantly less able than you do elsewhere


•  You experience a level of stress around your work that is both irrational and debilitating


•  There are times when the results you are achieving bear no real relation to your talent or level of effort/commitment


•  There are specific people/archetypes that seem to make you feel inept, defensive or detached


•  There are times when even your best energy and motivation don’t seem to be enough to see you through


•  Your career keeps stalling at critical points


•  You KNOW that you could, and should, be achieving more

"My personal coaching with Jan has had a dramatic but positive impact on me.  Through the coaching I have changed many of my behaviours and attitudes, which have helped me become more positive, confident and happy! As a manager and individual I feel more able and in control, which has enabled me to be more effective in communication, management and leadership skills.  In short I feel that the coaching has enhanced my life professionally and personally. Jan has been an excellent coach; encouraging, tough, supportive and fun.  I have enjoyed almost every minute!  I am very grateful for the honest feedback and for helping me to be more successful and happy in my life"


Operations Director – UK Logistics Company

Breakthrough Coaching

Many talented and motivated individuals fail to realise their full potential


Why is this?


Often it is due to ‘blind spots’ and blockages that are not normally addressed through day-to-day working life, nor through conventional coaching or training courses


F4G utilise all of their experience (including BACP counselling and psychotherapy qualifications) to tap into core motivation and facilitate breakthrough in individuals


This results in a significant release of energy, greater personal fulfilment, and a radical up-lift in outlook and performance

"Obstacles can't stop you. Problems can't stop you. Most of all, other people can't stop you. Only you can stop you" – Jeffrey Gitomer

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